Distilling between Legally Binding vs Educational Purposes only documents

The prospect of working through the copious documentation from Oracle can be very daunting.  This can be even more confronting when you become a target of the Oracle sales engine and are invited to an audit. The array of ‘educational’ guides/policies and contracts along with the numerous white papers and opinions available online can be […]

The Future of Software Licensing and Intelligent Technologies

Businesses have been tested by COVID-19 and those that were digitally prepared for change were better enabled to adaptation and responsiveness during the crisis. Looking forward, IT leaders will continue investing in key enabling technology such as integrated cloud platforms, intelligent automation, AI, blockchain, IoT, and advanced data analytics. Supporting these new technologies will require […]

Want To Extract Maximum Value From Your Digital Transformation?

Want To Extract Maximum Value From Your Digital Transformation? Before you dive head first into making the move to digital content to transform your business there are some key things you need to consider. As businesses become increasingly dependent on digital technology and software, their licence footprint can also grow in complexity.  This can result […]

Invictus Partners: Cross-industry expertise and technologies

Establishing Invictus Partners, our vision was always to provide real guidance and assistance. Software licences are an often misunderstood or dismissed element of an organisation’s technology footprint – we’re here to provide value through these agreements and functions.

Licence Optimisation for Compliance and Business Resilience

Software and licenses evolve as usage definitions change over time while elements and features are superseded or remixed. As technologies continue evolving, so do businesses – changing roles and capabilities alongside market demands, adding to complexity and diversity to company’s unique requirements. Since many businesses implement technologies and systems on an ad-hoc basis, the management […]

Preparing Your Business for Licence Optimisation

The first vital step for any organisation looking to assess and optimise its licence real estate is to outline the business’ mission, goals, and requirements. Management should work with staff to understand their daily processes and challenges, ensuring they align with the organisation’s purpose. It’s important to understand that business technology is a resource, not […]