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While all organisations are looking to run more efficiently and intelligently, many businesses are still paying for unused systems and software. Alternatively, some organisations find themselves using technologies outside of licensing agreements – making these businesses key targets for vendor audits and compliance risks.

Both these situations can be time consuming and costly to reconcile – particularly as technologies continue evolving and growing more complex.

Organisational structures also change in time as staff numbers fluctuate and businesses are acquired or divested. These continual changes impact the way licensing arrangements, metrics, and models shape businesses, which can lead to over licensing, under licensing, and potential non-compliance with vendor terms and conditions.

All this adds huge and unnecessary costs and risks to a business’ IT needs and operations, which is why Invictus Partners is here to provide your organisations Software Licence Optimisation.

Licence Optimisation structure

20 - 30%

Software as a % of a typical annual IT budget

30% reduction in spend
Licence Optimisation Save Money
Reduce spend by applying basic software license optimisation best practices
Licence Optimisation


of clients can save money by getting a handle on usage before an audit

What is Software Licence Optimisation and how can Invictus Partners help?

Software Licence Optimisation ensures your business is using everything it’s paying for and paying for everything it’s using to maintain best performance and licensing compliance.

As organisational structures, technological needs, and market conditions are in continuous flux – this can be challenging, which drives the need for Invictus Partners’ specialist advisory services.

Each year your organisation receives annual support bills from vendors whose software supports your numerous business functions. But how well does your licensing footprint align with business goals and needs?

Vendors continually release new products and licensing models while your business functions, structures, and needs evolve over time as well. The critical challenge is having the right insights to find the best suited solutions while getting the greatest value, security, and returns from your current software real estate.

Invictus Partners’ optimisation principles ensure you are contracting on the best value licensing models and arrangements, covering everything from the right number of users through to the relevant processor requirements for your organisation while complying with vendors’ usage terms and conditions.

Our team has extensive expertise across all the market-leading vendors whose systems power your organisation – SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Infor, and more. We’re here to provide you with the optimisation, intelligence, and leverage you need to evolve your business and maintain pace with technological change.

The Invictus Approach

Your business is responsible for its licensing compliancy and software usage, which becomes an increasingly challenging task when faced with evolving technologies and compounding risks.

Our mission is to ensure you are getting the greatest value, usage, and insights from what you already have first. This sets the foundation for filling any service gaps, over-licensing issues, and other potential compliancy challenges you face now or in the future.

We’ll collaborate with your team to best understand your implementations, systems, and baseline data metrics to inform and empower your decision making.

Our process is extensive but non-intrusive, thereby minimising operational impact while guaranteeing improved performance and valuable insights.

With decades of expertise across the business-IT sector, from vendor to advisory, we have the – knowledge and understanding to help your business navigate through the contracts, complications, systems, and solutions that all support your business.

Remember, as you work on ways to reduce your support spend, vendors will likely try and steer you away from achieving the savings by listing off reasons why you cannot reduce your support bill. You may even walk away with unexpected audits, which is why it’s critical to have a clear strategy on what you are aiming to reduce and how, so you can achieve the greatest outcomes while ensuring compliancy.

Our team has extensive knowledge of vendors licensing rules, business practices, negotiating and contract strategies, and approval processes. We help you evaluate your software portfolio to identify where and how you can optimise your licence support based on vendors’ unique terms. This is achieved without increasing your remaining support costs and keeping you compliant throughout the process.

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