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How can you ensure your organisation is complying with its contractual obligations around the use of third-party software assets while also providing the due diligence required by ever-stringent internal audit processes? Moreover, how can you be sure those software assets
are even being properly utilised?

Every year organisations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars across multiple vendors on software licence renewals, maintenance and support. Many sign off on the invoices without a second thought.

Yet, in an industry as dynamic as IT, change is ever-present. Software products and vendors come and go, pricing models and contract types change, and new and better deals become available. If you know where to look, significant savings are possible.

Contrast this with the growing number of compliance audits by the large software vendors where infrastructure changes, new users or the integration of additional systems can trigger licence breaches costing millions of unbudgeted dollars.

Invictus Partners understands the intricacies and complexities of licensing. We understand the time pressures you’re under and the constant pressure to take cost out of the business. We have helped over 200 clients do exactly this across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and we absolutely can help you.

The Case for Software Licensing Solutions

Confusing and unclear licensing conditions, along with complex deployments, can result in wasted money and increased risk to an organisation.

Given the complexity of software licensing, the myriad of tools and reports available to track usage, the inclusions and exclusions in bundles, the mix of licensing and metric types, the lack of transparency and the rapid changes associated with all of these factors; it is extremely difficult to determine the optimal mix of what you should be buying and what your rights are. It is also unreasonable to expect that the highly specific skills required to understand these many idiosyncrasies exist within an organisation.

Software Licence Management Process

Invictus Partners’ Licence Management Service ensures you stay compliant by conducting a full review of your existing software deployments. We do this in three phases:

Phase 1: Licence Compliance Review

The first required action is to develop and implement an effective review of your current software contractual position. Our licence review covers your entire software footprint and identifies your usage versus your entitlements to determine if you have any exposure. We also review your licensing terms to ensure you are contractually entitled to move your licence footprint from an on-premise to a public or private cloud platform.

Phase 2: Internal Audit

We conduct an audit of your licensing position, following the same process and interpretations of agreements as vendor compliance teams. We replicate the vendor audit process by analysing scripts, tools and manuals to identify licensing exposure risk.

Phase 3: Contract Negotiation Advisory

Once you have a clear understanding of any exposure or contractual limitations, we develop the most effective remediation or optimisation strategy for you and guide you through the implementation process.

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