Licence Management Services

One Partner for all your Software Licence Challenges

Delivering a better business outcome Invictus Partners’ Licence Management Services are delivered across four main areas:

– Software Licence Review/Health check
– Licence Optimisation
– Licence Audit Defence
– Cloud Readiness

We enable you to continually secure the best value from your software investment while delivering on your business goals and objectives. Our team of Software Licence experts have helped over 220 organisations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We help our clients manage their licence footprint, reduce maintenance costs and deal efficiently and effectively with audit demands from multiple software publishers like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Infor, Adobe, VMware and Suse.

Audit Defence

Software Optimisation

Licence Review

Cloud Readiness

Software Licence Review

How can you ensure your organisation is complying with its contractual obligations around the use of third-party software assets while also providing the due diligence required by ever-stringent internal audit processes? Moreover, how can you be sure those software assets are even being properly utilised?

It all starts by understanding the fundamental difference between the terms ‘software licence’ (or licensing) and ‘entitlement’ (or entitlement management). Even then, undergoing an internal review for any of your software vendor contracts and entitlements can be difficult and complicated and can result in unexpected financial exposure.

Our licence review covers your software footprint and identifies your usage versus your entitlements to determine if you have any exposure or over capacity of licenses. Our analysis, aligns with the audit methodology of the vendor to ensure we view your deployments the same way the auditor would, explains your licensing position and reveals the exact amount of your financial exposure.

Our review starts with an entitlement analysis in which we review all your contractual documents to ensure that we know exactly what you have purchased and associated terms and conditions per transactions. We then review your deployment and usage across your environments to determine how and where you are using the software. Once your entitlement vs usage is reconciled, we provide you with a compliance report that shows you any shortage or surplus of licenses and the corresponding financial value.

Once you have a clear understanding of any exposure or contractual limitations, we develop the most effective Remediation Strategy for you and guide you through the remediation process.

Licence Audit Defence

How confident are you that if a vendor audited your licence usage today it wouldn’t result in a large and unexpected financial exposure? Even if you are compliant in your software licensing, an audit will cost you resource time, effort and money.

Prior to any software audit, you need to know where you stand in terms of your licensing before sharing any information with the vendor. This is the only way you can remain in the driver’s seat through the process rather than following the vendors lead. We take a three phase approach to the audit:

Implementing an effective internal audit before information sharing

The first required action is to develop and implement an effective audit review of your current vendor licensing position. We will advise you on how to do this and help you gain the required time from the vendor to perform an internal audit effectively. Our audit health check can cover your entire Licence footprint and identify all your requirements. We then map these requirements to your entitlements to determine if you are over or under licensed. We use the same licence audit assessment methodology as the vendor to ensure we cover off every angle they will take, so you remain in control and can work to prevent any unnecessary financial risk

Identifying active remediation measures that deliver the best outcome

Once you have a clear understanding of the root cause of your software licensing exposure, we develop the most effective Remediation Strategy for you and guide you through the remediation process

Negotiation Advisory

Our experience and knowledge of negotiating ‘in-house’ will work to your benefit to ensure your organisation has the right response and that your negotiation strategy is planned and effectively executed. Our negotiation approach takes in the key identified objectives and outcomes during the Licensing Requirements Analysis and Target Outcomes Planning phases.

In cases where you have already received an audit report from Oracle indicating you are non-compliant; we can provide a second opinion and typically bring down the initial financial claim using our well-proven negotiation techniques.

Invictus Partners works with you to minimise the impact of a software licence review and provides effective solutions for any over or under licence deployments.

Licence Optimisation

It is important to keep in mind that support fees are a significant source of revenue and margin for Software Vendors. More often than not, companies pay maintenance costs on unused or underused software, this is caused by products that were purchased in the past that remain on your annual support contracts and vendors make it hard to get out of the support costs.

Vendors use various tactics to protect their support revenue, leveraging their complex policies and clauses within their contracts. Some examples of their tactics are:  Microsoft requires Software Assurance to gain server mobility rights, SAP has a all or nothing policy regarding support and Oracle has its repricing policy and reinstatement fees. It is also important to know that when you work on ways to reduce your support spend, it is likely that the vendor will steer you away from that listing off a whole load of reasons why you cannot reduce your support bill and you may even walk away with an unexpected audit/audits hence it is important to have a clear strategy on what you are aiming to reduce and how you go about so that you execute on the strategy by ensuring you are compliant throughout the process.

Given our teams extensive knowledge of the vendors licensing rules and business practices, negotiating and contract strategies as well as their approval processes, we help you evaluate your software portfolio to see where and how you can optimise your licence support based on the unique terms associated with that vendor without repricing your remaining support costs.

Cloud Readiness

Transitioning applications to the cloud typically delivers cost savings and service improvements. But to gain maximum benefit, you need to ensure that any planned cloud migration is aligned with your organisation’s strategic requirements.

In order for you to ensure you manage your journey to cloud and avoid cloud shock and “double up costs” as you go through your cloud journey, you need to have an accurate baseline of current technology consumption along with what your end-game position will be. To do this, we adopt a two stepped processed:

Application audit and assessment

Based on a detailed review of your applications — including how they’re used, their support status and their technical configuration — we’ll identify the potential benefits and risks associated with moving each of them to the cloud.

Strategic licence review

Offered by our Software Asset Management experts, this engagement looks at licence compliance, risks and spend optimisation opportunities for your application software in the context of cloud deployment